What is NCR Paper Printing

What is NCR Paper Printing, how does it work and what is it used for?

We’ve answered these questions in detail below but in a nutshell, NCR printing allows you to make multiple copies of a written document, the pressure of the pen on the top sheet makes a duplicate copy on any NCR paper sheets underneath.

NCR Printing paper is widely used for things such as:
Invoices / Reciepts
Delivery Notes
Hire Agreements
Order Forms
Service Reports

In fact anywhere that two or more copies are needed. It is also perfect for agreements where a signed copy can be left with more than one party, for example Hire Agreements for anything from a car to a children’s bouncy castle.

From Carbon Paper to Carbonless NCR Printing Paper
Years ago to make a copy of any particular document you would have needed a piece of carbon covered paper which was placed between two sheets of paper, the pressure of the pen on the top sheet would transfer the carbon onto the bottom sheet. The carbon paper would then have to be placed in between the next to sheets that were to be copied, a very messy and laborious way to make duplicate or triplicate documents.

That changed in 1953 when the NCR Corporation invented Carbonless paper, although carbon paper was still in wide use well into the 1980's. Its is commonly thought that NCR stands for No Carbon Required but its actually the initials of the company that invented it.

NCR Printing Paper is usually glued along one edge into Duplicate Sets of two or Triplicate Sets of three. These sets are then usually glued together into books or pads for ease of use.

NCR Paper comes in various colours, the top sheet being usually white but middle and bottom sheets are also produced in Yellow, Blue, Pink and Green as well as of course White.

NCR Printing Paper - How it Works
NCR Printing Paper works because there is a dye in the top sheet which leaves a print on the bottom and any middle sheets.

The dye is micro encapsulated on the rear of the top sheet, the one which is to be written on, the bottom sheet has a clay coated top surface. Middle sheets for making triplicate or multiple copies have a clay film on the top and a dye on the bottom.

When you write on the top sheet what happens is the pressure of your pen breaks the micro encapsulated dye underneath the sheet which then reacts with the clay on the top of the other sheet. Because the dye is micro encapsulated ie split into tiny microscopic amounts a very clear duplicate of the original is produced.

How NCR Works

In industry terms NCR Printing Paper is identified by 3 sets of initials:
Top Sheet CB Coated Back
Middle Sheet CFB Coated Front Back
Bottom Sheet CF Coated Front

NCR Printing Paper is also know as:
Carbonless Paper
Carbon Copy Paper
Duplicate Paper
Triplicate Paper
Multi-part paper

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